Collaboration opportunity


We are currently looking for mini collaborators to be featured in our Promotional Ads on instagram and facebook. We are seeking photogenic babies & toddlers that can take great quality photos that can be featured in our marketing ads to help us reach a larger audience.

Thank you for Participating


Collaborators must submit a photo within 7 days of the posted delivery date. Photos must follow our guidelines to be featured. Features are not guaranteed. Collaborators are required to post on their Instagram Story and tag us in the photo. Initial purchase is required to participate in collaboration regardless of previous purchase history. To be eligible to receive $20 Shop credit, collaborators must meet all given requirements. If the photo quality does not meet our standards, we have the right to deny any and all perks. It is at our discretion whether or not to offer the stated perks to any collaborators. By continuing, you acknowledge and agree to our terms and conditions.