Copy of Collaborations

Want to get Paid for Advertising? 

Do you have a large social media following with high follower engagement? THan we want you on our Team!

Please read the details below before you Apply!


Position Details & Requirements

Collaboration Details

Get a paid commission for posting on your social media account. 
Re-post our pictures OR post one of your own pictures in our products on your social media accounts. Tag us in your photos and direct your followers to our Website and Instagram Account. Each time your custom promo code is used, you will receive a 10% commission on the sales you influenced.
- Get Paid!!
- Receive a 10% commission on Every sale you influence.
- Increase your social media following
- 50% Discount storewide
- Custom promo code


Collaboration Requirements

We are seeking large accounts only for a paid advertisement position.
- 10,000+ Instagram Followers
- High follower engagement (Likes & Comments)
- Paypal account
- Signed Contract and Agree to Terms & Conditions


*Payments are made via PayPal and will be paid out within 72hrs.


Terms & Conditions 

Collaborators must meet minimum requirements to continue in position. Social Media accounts must be appropriate and align with the morals and standards of Ilani Elyse Co. During contract period, Collaborators may not represent our business negatively and must share any negative feedback directly in private and not visible to customers. All photos must be tagged/@ and direct followers to our website and Instagram account. By agreeing to this contract you are giving Ilani Elyse Co permission to use any/all photos captured and posted in our products on our website and social media platforms. Photos will be used for the purpose of marketing and advertising and will never be used intentionally in a negative way or in anyway that goes against the values of our business. Ilani Elyse Co. will not take responsibility for any misuse of images or media outside of the business and/or by any individual not authorized by the business. Only legal representatives of Ilani Elyse Co. can be held accountable for misuse of images.  Promo Codes must be used at checkout to receive commission. 10% commission applies to the sale of item(s) only, and does not include taxes and shipping fees.  This is not an employment opportunity and Ilani Elyse Co is not required to provide benefits and/or additional compensation for advertising activities. Collaborators are independent contractors and Commission is paid per service only. Ilani Elyse Co will only pay for completed services. If no sales are influenced there will not be any compensation paid, regardless of advertisement activities. Inactive accounts will deactivated within 30 days.

If your post do not generate consumer interest which ultimately lead to increased followers and sales, we have the right to discontinue paid collaborations from your account at any time. If no sales are generated within 3 months, paid collaborations will be terminated. Collaboration term last a period of 6 months if minimum requirements are meet.