Product Model Agreement Form & Photo Release Consents

Terms & Conditions

This Agreement & Photo Consent Release Form is issued pursuant for the agreement between Ilani Elyse Co. and [Individual] effective on date of electronic signature. This agreement is subject to the terms and conditions contained in this form between both parties. In the event of any conflict or inconsistency between parties, the terms defined in this agreement shall govern and prevail.

[Individual] refers to the legal Guardian of the child that will participate in modeling activities for Ilani Elyse Co.

Period of Agreement Terms

Beginning of Agreement Terms starts the date of an electronic signature and continues through a 60 day period. If agreement terms or minimum requirements are not completed by the [individual] within the specified time frame, a penalty may occur, resulting in fees that must be paid by the [individual].


With this agreement, Ilani Elyse Co will provide free products of our selection from our collection valued at $100, for the [individual] to model. A $4.00 USD collaborator fee will be applied to the [individual] before items are shipped. This $4.00 charge will place a hold on the [individual]'s bank account in the event that the stated terms are broken. If the terms stated in this agreement are not meet by the [individual], payment in full will be requested, and the card on file will be charged a one time fee of $100.

Product Model Rights & Responsibilities

The [Individual] has the right to decline products for any reason, but must return any/all declined products within 7 days of the delivery date, and in the same condition received. If declined products are not received within 7 days or in same condition, the [Individual] will be charged full retail price including shipping fees for any product(s) that are not returned to us. It is the [individual]'s responsibility to provide Ilani Elyse Co with the correct fitted sizing information. Returns/Exchanges follow our customer Return/Exchange policy which be can found in our FAQ page. It is the [Individual]’s responsibility to share any negative feedback regarding the product(s) with a representative of Ilani Elyse Co. via private email or by phone. Negative feedback should not be posted online visible to other consumers while under this agreement. It is the [individual]'s responsibility to meet all requirements stated in this form

Ilani Elyse Co. Rights & Responsibilities

The [Individual] Acknowledges that Ilani Elyse Co. has the right to discontinue modeling activity for any reason and can request a cease in all company related activities. Ilani Elyse Co. will provide a statement via email notifying [individual] of termination of agreement. Ilani Elyse Co. has the right to end said agreement at any point of time for any reason at our discretion. Ilani Elyse Co can request additional photos outside of the minimum photo requirements if the quality does not meet our standards.

Product Model Requirements

Product Models will agree to use personal modeling resources for "photo shoot" content. Original photos should be emailed to by the specified due dates. The [Individual] is required to submit the the following photo content via email within 10 days of the date received, and the following photos within 7 days of the previous due date. The [individual] will have up to 45 days to submit all remaining photos. 

10 Quality photos must be submitted for each item/outfit received. Of the 10 photos, 5 photos must be Modeled Product Shots and 5 photos must be Action/Staged Shots.

Modeled Product Photos are still-shot photos in front of a solid color backdrop/background; preferred white/grey OR a non-distracting/clutter free background such as a solid color wall. ex: a plain wall inside a house, a brick exterior wall.

Action/Staged Photos are lifestyle photos in a natural setting that the outfit would be worn to. ex: swimsuit photos at a pool.

Photos must be Bright/Natural light, High Quality, Crisp/Clear Full length shots, that clearly show the entire outfit. Photos with filters, edits, blurry, a distracting background or other persons visible are not acceptable submissions. 

Photo Consent & Release

By electronically signing this consent and release form, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions stated in the form and giving permission for Ilani Elyse Co to use photos of your child on our website and promotional media. Ilani Elyse Co. has the right to use any and all photos captured by the [individual] or in a private photoshoot, submitted, or posted online wearing items from our collection, in any way for the purpose of marketing and advertising. Any pictures made available may be used on the company website and other social media platforms. Professional/Amateur Photographer credit will be given whenever photo is used. Media files will never be used intentionally, in a negative way or any way that goes against the values of the business or against the law. However, Ilani Elyse Co. will not take responsibility for any misuse of images or media outside of the business and/or by any individual not authorized by the business. Only legal representatives of Ilani Elyse Co. can be held accountable for misuse of images. 

Completion Criteria

Once all photo requirements are submitted and accepted by Ilani Elyse Co, the [individual]  would have completed all terms in this agreement. Upon completion the [individual] will no longer need to continue product modeling activities. Outfits provided to the individual are to keep and do not need to be returned if all requirements are meet.

Upon completion, the [individual] will be eligible to participate in future model searches and will qualify for the opportunity to be selected as an Official Brand Model if Ilani Elyse Co chooses to offer to the [individual]

If the [individual] is unable to meet the requirements stated in this form for any reason, it is the [individual]'s responsibility to return provided products and notify Ilani Elyse Co of a decline to continue Modeling Activities. Items that are not returned will be charged full retail price to the card on file.

If Quality photos are not submitted within a reasonable time frame, the agreement will be terminated and the [individual] will be charged full retail price for products.


Under the assumption of this Agreement, Ilani Elsye Co. is providing free merchandise from our collection to the [individual] in exchange for quality photo content for the purpose of company marketing, advertisement, and promotions. With the assumption of this agreement, the individual is to understand that this is not an employment opportunity and Ilani Elyse Co. is not required to provide any type of monetary compensation for activities mentioned in said agreement. The [individual] understands that with accepting free merchandise under this agreement, the [individual] is also accepting to fulfill requirements stated in this agreement. If requirements are not meet, the [individual] agrees to pay full price for all products received, including original shipping fees. 

Signatures. This agreement can be used in a court of law. By signing this agreement, whether physically or electronically, both parties hereto the terms & conditions addressed in this contract to be effective as of the date electronically submitted. By entering your name and submitting this form, you agree to the terms & conditions stated above. This Electronic Signature represents your agreement to the stated terms & conditions. If terms are broken, Legal Action may be taken if Ilani Elyse Co chooses to do so.